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Block Print Masks (Pack of 4)- Gujarat

Rs. 565.00

2 Layer Mask with open strap.

Material :- Block Print on Cotton

Dimension:- 4.5"*6"

About Product:- Ajrakh cloth carries many meanings. The popular story amongst local printers is that Ajrakh means “keep it today.” It is also linked to 'azrakh', the Arabic word for indigo, a blue plant which thrived in the arid ecology of Kutch until the 1956 earthquake. Ajrakh patterns use complex geometry to create starry constellations in indigo, madder, black, and white across lengths of cloth. The shapes and motifs of Ajrakh echo the architectural forms of Islamic architecture’s intricate jali windows and trefoil arches.

Shipping & Delivery:
Domestic-10-14 days
International- 20-25 days

All masks are made to order.

Please note that the fabric color of the mask may differ due to use of natural dyes and colours.