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Mashroo fabric mask- (Pack of 4)

Rs. 865.00

Material: Mashroo fabric

Dimension: 12"x6"

Mashroo weaving was once a flourishing craft of the Mandvi block in Kachchh district. The Hindu Khatri (Brahmakshatriya) community was the original proponents of the craft in Kachchh. As the demand of the craft increased in local and overseas market, they taught the craft to the Maheshwari weavers of Mandvi. The Maheshwari weavers soon mastered the complex mashroo weaving technique. The Mashroo textile was woven for Muslim communities, who believed that silk should not touch a person’s skin. Crafting a solution that enabled people to honor this belief while still appearing dressed in the finest clothing, weavers mixed silk and cotton threads to create a textile that was simple cotton on one side and rich silk on the other. The meaning of Mashroo is “this is allowed.” The port town of Mandvi is at the center of Mashroo legacy in Kachchh, historically creating luxurious bolts of the fabric that Muslims and Hindus enjoyed. In the regions of Saurashtra and Kachchh , women stitch mashroo kanjari (backless blouses), skirts, and cholis. Mashroo helped weave communities together. The Ahir Patels (farmers) produced cotton, which was handspun and then given the the weavers. Rabari and Ahir women did embroidery and mirror work to create even more distinctive versions of mashroo.

Mask specifications:

- Made in mushroo fabric

- 2 layered with filter pocket 

- Hand made by the local artisans of Gujarat

- Fabric ties

- Washable and re-usable

Wash care: - Gentle hand wash

Kindly allow a time of 10 days to paint and create the mask all masks are made to order. Please note that the fabric color of the mask will vary