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Mata Ni Pachedi

'Hadakai Mata' (3ft x 5ft)- Mata ni Pachedi-Gujrat

Rs. 50,700.00

Handmade painting by Natural Colors

Product Material :- Cotton & Natural Colors
Dimension :- 3ft x 5ft

About the Painting
Hadakai Mata is a goddess who provides protection against rabies and is seated on a dog. In Indian mythology, goddesses like Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati are worshipped for their infinite powers. But there are a few goddesses that remain unheard of. And just like them, their believers too, are shrouded in anonymity. One such group is the Chitaras, belonging to the Vaghri community (now known as Devi Pujaks) of Gujarat. The Vaghris worship goddesses such as Meladi Mata (the protector of farmlands, seated on goat) and Hadkai Mata (who provides protection against rabies and is seated on a dog).

The Artist
Sanjay Manubhai Chitara is a National Awardee and part of one of the last surviving families who paint the Mata ni Pachedi. His family, who are Devi Pujaks, 

(followers of the mother Goddess) trace their association with the art of painting ritual cloth back three centuries.

Product Process:
Mata ni Pachedi literally means “behind the mother goddess”, and is a cloth that constitutes a temple of the goddess. It is a painting and art form from Gujrat. 

Sanjay Chitara has moved away from the traditional palette of maroon and black made from oxidized iron and palm sugar and experiments with turmeric, henna and indigo to create a more varied colour scheme still using the age old methods of extracting colour from natural materials.

Shipping and Delivery:
Kindly allow 30 days to paint and create the products as these products are handmade by the local artisans