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Odissa artisans

Jeev Jantu Mask- Bagha (Pack of 4)

Rs. 1,504.00

Material : Cotton

Dimension : 12x6 Inches

The version of the Mahabharata, written by the Odia poet Sarala Dasa, narrates the legend of Navagunjara; no other version has the story. Once, when Arjuna was doing penance on a hill, Krishna-Vishnu appears to him as Navagunjara. Navagunjara has the head of a rooster, and stands on three feet, those of an elephant, tiger and deer or horse; the fourth limb is a raised human arm carrying a lotus or a wheel. The beast has the neck of a peacock, the back or hump of a bull and the waist of a lion; the tail is a serpent. Initially, Arjuna was terrified as well as mesmerized by the strange creature and raises his bow to shoot it. Finally, Arjuna realizes that Navagunjara is a manifestation of Vishnu and drops his weapons, bowing before Navagunjara.

Mask specifications:

- Made in pure cotton

- 2 layered with filter pocket to insert a third tissue paper or cloth layer

- Handpainted by the local artisans of Odisha

- Fabric ties

- Washable and re-usable

Wash care:

- Gentle hand wash

Kindly allow a time of 10 days to paint and create the mask all masks are made to order. Please note that the fabric color of the mask will vary